Firefox for Enterprises, from proposal to action

January 12th, 2012 by Christian Hilmersson

According to the Mozilla Blog, Firefox is about to be released in an enterprise version, with releases once every year instead of once every 6:th week.

The new version of the Firefox is called Firefox Extended Support Release or simply Firefox ESR. The intention is to provide security updates continously but let the web and add-ons platform be stable throughout the 1 year release.

I have experience from developing and maintaining both web frameworks and web applications at big companies and have noticed that Firefox’s recent 6 weeks release cycle have created problems for developers keeping up with certifying the quality of their software with the latest browser release. Firefox ESR might be a welcome change for framework and application developer’s in enterprises since it, in my humble opinion, might ease the the task of choosing Firefox as a tactical appointed enterprise platform for internal web-applications.

For more info, see the post at the Mozilla blog:

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